Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Garden...Part 5

Here's the latest on our Spring garden. Even though the weather inhibited our planting a full garden again this year, I was still able to have a few vegetables & herbs that I could plant into containers. So, we will still be able to enjoy some fresh produce. Things look like they are off to a good start so far....

Bell Pepper

TAM Jalapeno

Mystery Tomato

Roma Tomato

Roma Tomato

Mystery Tomato

Herb Combo Garden (this was a cute little arrangement that my Mom gave me yesterday. Doesn't it make you hungry just looking at it!!)



My Mom had some raised garden beds in her yard that were kits she bought from Home Depot, & I have to admit, I really liked them...especially after we planted roses and other garden pretties in them. They are really nicely made, so I was excited when she gave me 2 for our yard. Thanks again Mom!

Dream Come True Rose, Mexican Heather & Home Run Floribunda Rose

Burgundy Iceberg Floribunda Rose, Mexican Heather, Lagerfeld Grandiflora Rose

Burgundy Iceberg Rose

Home Run Floribunda Rose

Dream Come True Rose

Lagerfeld Grandiflora Rose

Mexican Heather

This rose was given to me by our dear Meemaw. I have no idea what it's name is, but I call it the "Lady Christine" in her honor.

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