Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who Are You Lord?

While praying one day a woman asked, "Who are you, Lord?"

HE answered, "I AM!"

But "Who is I am?" she said.

And HE replied, "I Am Love, I Am Peace, I Am Grace, I Am Joy, I Am The Way, The Truth & The Light...I Am The Comforter, I Am Strength, I Am Safety, I Am Shelter, I Am Power, I Am The Creator, I Am The Beginning & The End, I Am The Most High."

The girl with tears in her eyes, looked toward Heaven and said, "Now I understand Lord, but who am I?"

Then God tenderly wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered, "You are Mine."

Never forget whose you are and who you belong to. You are a precious child of God.

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Caroline said...

Oh, this is so beautiful!