Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Garden...Part 4

Although we started off with a bang on our spring garden for this year, the weather was not on our side to say the least. We had a much l-o-n-g-e-r winter than we normally do, so that didn't help things. Our seeds were sprouting so one point we had over 100 tomatoes alone! But alas, the constant change of weather from hot to cold to hot to cold, rain and flood, hot to cold..was too much for our seedlings to bare. We had them in the garage with a grow light but after months of being cooped up they finally bit the dust. Once the weather changed for the better and continued to stay nice, it was already too late in our area to really do a garden. We would have had to re-till the garden area, bring in more soil, and hope the nurseries had some hearty plants left as it would take way too long to start from seeds again. I am certainly going to miss not having that beautiful garden spread out back of our land. So, I decided I was not going to let it get me down.

A few years ago at a Bible study meeting, I heard a lady give a testimony about something (unrelated to gardening) and one thing that always stood out me was that she said the LORD plainly told her, "never despise humble beginnings." You know, after all these years, that Word still rings in my mind. So today, I went to our local feed store and picked up a few plants and then planted them in some pots out back. It's not the garden we had planned for this year, and it may be a small start, but I will not despise our small beginning! GOD can cause our garden to overflow with harvest for us and that's exactly what I am believing for.

Welcome to our Spring 2010 garden. We still have 2 rosemary plants from last year that we transferred to pots before winter set in so that gave us a good start. Now we have 2 roma tomatoes, 3 basil, 1 oregano, 1 bell pepper, 2 jalapeno and 2 mystery tomatoes in addition to the rosemary. I asked the owner of the feed store what type of tomato it was that had the cage around it, well due to people taking tags from stuff and not putting them back where they properly go, he said he honestly didn't remember. Well, I decided that I was going to venture into the unknown harvest of this plant, so I bought one. As I was planting it, I noticed another small sucker growing up on the side of the main branch. I had planned to pinch it off so that it wouldn't take away from the main plant. However, when I was transferring the plant from the original container, the smaller sucker plant turned out to be a separate tomato plant all of it's own. So glory to GOD, HE is already increasing our garden! I don't know what variety it is going to turn out to produce but it's already starting off to be a blessed one!


Patty said...

I hope you are abundantly blessed by your garden.

Janet said...

I love the Lord too! I like your recipes! Visiting you thru Pattys blog!