Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Only Time You Will Probably See Me Defend Him

This may very well be the only time ever that you you will see me post something in 'defense' of President Obama. However, it is something that I thought should be brought to light. I have seen several people share a note online that says something to the effect that Pres. Obama has cancelled the National Day of Prayer, as he does not want to offend anyone. They also show the following photo of him removing his shoes before entering a mosque to "worship/pray with the Muslims."

Granted I am NOT a supporter of President Obama, but I do think that the air should be cleared on this. As Christians and Americans we should do our best to present truth and not fabrication just because you may or may not care for someone politically or otherwise. I know that not everyone that shared this tid-bit online was doing so with the intent to spread false information...after all...there are so many things that are true out there and look true so it's hard to tell the difference. So if you fall in this category, please know that I am not against your sharing of this information...I simply want to share what I found out on the topic. But for those that originally created this internet story and have spread it across cyber-land....please use your talent to write the truth next time.

So with that said...please check out the Snopes link HERE to read for yourself the origin of the photo as well as the information regarding the prayer cancellation.


Blessed Beyond said...

I saw the truth on that part just a bit ago! What a great thing to do, to stand up for the truth!

Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

I hear ya. I saw this in an email any times over as well as on blogs...I didn't put much thought into it really as you never know what is true or not on the web. Then I saw a friend's link to Snopes about it and read it.

Do I agree with everything that was written on net about this....not really. But I think that those that initially created the that got this whole thing started in the first place need to use their talent for sharing truth instead of untruth or personal digs. I am not a supporter of Obama but I do think if something is not true then the creators of the story need to retract. But a coward will always hide behind the screen.

I don't think anyone who sent this story with others are wrong to share it. Hey, you never know when something is legit and true. So if we don't ban together and share info as it comes then we fall into the trap of being uninformed of the issues. So kuddos for those who shared it in good faith in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this, Mrs. M. This is one of the things that really bothers me, when I see Christians speaking a lie because they didn't take a few minutes to check the facts before they repost something errant.

Thanks for setting the record straight, and standing up for the truth.

Grammy Blick said...

It is so simple to check -- is a good source (though a bit left-leaning) and there are others. I know some good church members posted that bit of "news" but I'm not certain it was in "good faith" or too quickly believing the worst of someone disliked. I am grateful to read the truth of the matter. I've returned several copies, along with links to Snopes, but these seem to keep making the rounds.

From my viewpoint, the President's decision not to personally participate in the National Day of Prayer is sufficient to be a problem. I'm used to our leaders participating, and I appreciated their reliance on our heavenly Father.

Let us all be more as the Bereans:

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.
(Acts 17:11 KJV)

Let us commit to seeing whether things are so.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

As Christians I think we should make efforts to confirm the validity of these sorts of reports. Thumbs up Mrs.M for your level headedness.

mrshester said...

Oops!! I am glad you posted this, Mrs. M! I am sorry to say I was one of those who didn't check the story out before I passed it along. These things spread like wildfire and when I read the thing it immediately stoked mine. Only truth can prevail! I apologize for being part of the problem this time :(

Mrs. M -- (Mosaics From Home) said...

MrsHester ~
No need to apologize. Hey I have been guilty myself of re-posting or forwarding emails before I checked them out. Many of us have done don't consider yourself part of the problem....consider yourself as part of the answer. After all, somebody had to pass it on so that we would be sparked to look into it.

~Mrs. M