Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Wrap Up & A Product Testing

Today was a bit busy in our schedules. We had an unexpected change in routine that will foreshadow things for the next few days, but it's all for GOD'S glory!!! I did find a few minutes to run by the laundromat to wash our king size comforter. I am so thankful that they have those over sized washers and driers for items such as this. The smell of fresh linens straight from the drier is such perfume to the senses.

Our oldest rat terrier, Maggie Mae, has not been feeling up to par so Hubby brought her in the house. I gave her a good bath last night and soon she was off to dream land. Unfortunately a persistent cough is keeping her from restfully sleeping but in JESUS Name she is healed and restored to the fullest in her body.

Of course, Shelby Lynn, is not happy that there is another dog in the house (even though she is her sister) and that she now has to share her bed. But she is learning to deal with it.

I had some errands to run so I let the crockpot do my dinner work for me. Tonight we had Spicy Crockpot Chicken Pasta & Cheese. It was so easy and yummy. Check out the link for the recipe. One of the ingredients I used was Barilla's Piccolini pasta. The box said it cooks in 7 minutes. Well, I wanted to know if this was accurate or not so I timed it from start to finish. You know what...they're right. In 7 minutes you have perfectly cooked pasta. So I guess this counts as my product disclaimer testing for the month. (grin)


Now that the animals are all fed, I guess it's time to tidy up the kitchen and see what's on t.v. or sit down to a good read before bedtime. I trust you all have had a wonderful Friday and I pray you have a blessed weekend.

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Mary at Deep South Dish said...

You know, we had a laundromat on my way home from school when I was a youngster and I used to go in there to get a cold drink sometimes. I absolutely LOVED the smell of fresh clothes in there and it's funny, I adore that smell even today!