Friday, February 19, 2010

Window Shopping Friday

While out and about I spied a new consignment shop....well new to me at least. Needless to say I just had to make a detour and stop on in. I was certainly surprised by what I saw. They had all kinds of furniture and home accessories. What impressed me was that it didn't look like your traditional resell shop where things are jumbled together. This place actually took the time to display things in almost a furniture store type manner. It was full but really nice to walk through and browse. Here's a little glimpse of the store to show you what I mean....

There is a myriad of different home decor items in this place.

I like how they accented with all the greenery.

I was surprised by all the different varieties of dinner settings that
they had for sale. Not just a piece here and there...
but full sets, including china.

I just loved the cobalt collection. It was so pretty up close.

The floral arrangements were so nicely done...and yes they were for sale too!
I think the green & white table setting just screams "Spring!"

Another pretty display.

I really loved this piece!

Looks like it was from a showroom floor.
Wow, these workers have a real flair for decorating.

What a nice set of silver. It was very pretty and shiny!

The vintage feel of this bed really caught my eye.


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I love the green table setting and the "vintage" style bed is definatly something I could see in my home.


Grammy Blick said...

That should be a very successful shop if their prices are close to reasonable. The table settings are so welcoming. I would have expected this to be a 'collectables' or even 'antique' shop. If you return (which I expect you will) please pass along the compliments!