Thursday, February 4, 2010

Product Reviews

I will be the first to admit that I am not one that wears a lot of makeup (if any on most accounts) but I do like to spruce up once in awhile with it. However, I haven't really bought any new make up in years...ok, we've been married 11+ years and our wedding was the last time I bought some. So you can imagine! I figured since I had the bare basics I'd use it up before I broke down and bought more. Needless to say, it's lasted quite awhile.

Now this is quite a difference from my younger teen years. I experimented with make up of all brands, colors, and shapes. I wasn't the typical teen that tried to imitate the 80's Madonna look that was so I was out there. I wore every color of the rainbow on my eyes (yes all at one time on occasion.) I wasn't into looking like every other teenage girl so, I created my own style. I did my eye shadow in uniform vertical lines, using about 8-9 colors per eye. I had polka dots on each eye on other accounts...all in various colors. I was often asked how did I do that but my secrets were my own. As for my lipstick...oh yes, you could say one could see my lips coming from a mile away! *grin* I had the reddest of reds, the bluest of blues, green of all name it, I had it and wore it....including black! And this was w--a--y before the Gothic look. Did it look good on? Well, I like to think so -- but then again I was a teenager so was I really going to think any different!?!

So last night I was at Target and made my mind up that I was going to break out of the box and buy all new, powder, eye shadow, name it. So after a tedious search I finally made the decision to try a few items/brands that I had never used in the past. Ok, I'll tell you...I put a little more effort into my choices and here is what I ended up with that I wanted to give my personal review on...

First let's look at the foundation...the one I chose was Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless foundation #245 (warm beige). I noticed that there was a display area where you could place your hand under the color coded plastic to find the shade that most matched your skin so that you would know what shade was right for your skin. However, how well can a piece of tinted plastic really match skin?? I had my reservations but decided to try this brand anyway. I toyed between two colors that I thought best matched, but they were on opposite ends of the spectrum. So I chose warm beige. After trying it on at home, I was sure surprised by the result. It really blended in & matched my skin nicely. It looks like I barely have any on...totally not what I am used to with the other brands I have used. It went on smoothly and didn't cake up or fill in any creases with the result being that plastered look. It was very weightless and covered evenly with very minimal needed. I think this is the first time in all my years of using make up that I think I have finally found my perfect match foundation.

Next we have the powder....I chose Covergirl Advance Radiance Pressed Powder #115 (classic beige.) I loved how smoothly and quickly this powder was to apply. It matched perfectly to the foundation, which I was nicely surprised at. It didn't make me look washed out and fair or too fake and dark either. It was just right. This too is a lightweight powder that does not look like you are wearing any. It compliments my skin tone nicely. I have not had the chance to wear it all day to see if it needs more application later on, so I will not comment on the lasting effects of it until I have a change to experience it. But so far I give it two thumbs up.

Onto the blush...Revlon Naturally Nude #070 This is great! I wanted a blush that would match most any eye and lip color that I might wear and this does the trick. It gives your cheek area that "kiss" of natural color without looking like you are wearing anything other than your natural highlighted toned. I don't have to worry about having all shades of blush on hand to match this or that color eye shadow or lipstick as this one does the entire trick nicely.

The eyeshadow...for me, I went out there and picked a brand that I am totally not familiar with nor colors I am accustomed least not in my adult years that is. I selected Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Expressions Paradise Cove #397 and Wet 'n Wild Eye Expressions Avant-Garde #395. I chose two somewhat similar color palettes as Paradise Cove is a more traditional powdered shadow and Avant-Garde is a cream shadow. The price was right so I felt comfortable in spending the extra to have two sets to choose from. I really like how each one applies. The cream is not waxy feeling or heavy on the lids and the color is so vivid. The powdered shadow is just as vivid (both without being overbearing in their colors) and glides on silky smooth. I didn't notice any creasing with either of the elements but this result was not after a long day worth of wear. So far I give these my mark of approval.

Next we move to the accessories area....the lips! We have Loreal Majestic Mauve #503 and Loreal Spiced Cider #755. for the liners I bought Loreal Colour Riche Truly Burgundy & Au Naturel. My eyeliner is N.Y.C Brown #922. All I can say it...LOVE IT!!

So this is one of those "out there" posts for me but I just thought I'd share.


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I am so glad you found some makeup products you like. It took me years to find makeup that I liked AND would not break-out my sensitive skin.
After years of trial and error I began using MaryKay foundations.
A little over a year ago MaryKay came out with a mineral powder foundation ... I was very skeptical about it's potential coverage because it is SOOOO light weight & I have some acne scars, and uneven skin tones. Turns out the coverage is some of the best I've ever tried (even better than the old MaryKay product I used to wear). It is so light weight, it literally feels like I'm not wearing any foundation at all & matches my skin tone perfectly - no foundation lines near the jaw area. As far as skin irritation ... none.
Finding makeup prodcts that work for one's specific skin type & issue can certainly be a challenge. I'm glad your hard work has paid off.

cranky grandma said...

I would love to hear how the foundation works for you. I need some new make-up too, but I use it so rarely that I hate to enroll in one of those "programs" that send you products every 3 months!

Blessed Beyond said...

Glad you found some you liked so well! That is always great!!!!

Grammy Blick said...

Cover Girl has been my choice for literally decades -- from problem skin through oily through dry and now aged. As far as I'm concerned, you've done well confirming my choices.

Marmee's Pantry said...

I am newly 'in love' w/Almay's Raisin mascara. I have very green eyes & this is one of their collection for certain colors of eyes - it's great! The older I get the less dark make-up colors I like to wear ~ I was a make-up artist for 17 yrs & I always told older ladies I'm following my own advice! lol

Blessings from Ohio...Kim <><