Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh My, You're Such An Animal

After y-e-a-r-s of wanting a Dyson vacuum cleaner, I saw in the Target paper that they had them on sale for 20% off. I still didn't want to spend that much money on a vacuum but after buying lesser expensive ones over the years and having loss of suction and smashed down carpet fibers with bare minimum cleaning, I said to myself "enough is enough!" So after discussing it with Mr. M, I bought a new Dyson DC 25 Animal Roller Ball.

Unlike other vacuums, it was a cinch to put together. There were no special tools needed to screw it together. It was literally 3 clicks of sliding it together and presto! It was completely together.

So the real test was using it. I started by vacuuming an area rug first with my old vacuum. Then I went over it with the Dyson. I cleaned the old vacuum receptacle and there was debris in it, but the Dyson....well...look for yourself...

This was just from one rug!!! Can we say GROSS!!!! With 3 cats and 1 small dog in the house, not to mention we humans...our floors can get dirty...that's a given. But to see it trapped like this in the vacuum receptacle...that's just nasty! Mr. M came in and tried it out on the dining room rug and then on the living room ceiling fan blades.

First, let me tell you...our ceilings are really high. I couldn't reach anywhere close to the fan with our old vacuum, not unless I was standing on a ladder and holding the vacuum with one hand while the other hand tried to vacuum. Not the safest or easiest way to clean by far. Hubby stood flat on the ground and used the telescopic wand to easily clean the blades. No problem at all. So I tried it in the bedroom. The ceilings are just as tall in there as well. I didn't need a chair or ladder to climb nor did I have to hold the vacuum up with one hand and awkwardly try to clean with the other hand. Nope! Not at all. I simply used the wand to reach up and suck off the dust. Voila! Clean air again. It also has a button right on top, next to the power button, that allows you to instantly turn the brush on or off. This was great when switching from carpet to tile. How did it do on the tile? Fantastically!

With results like this...I am definitely a Dyson fan. I can safely say..."this vacuum really sucks!" So for the price, yes, it is was still higher than I cared to pay, but it was $110 off the regular amount. So all in all...I think we're going to get our money's worth out of it.


Flat Creek Farm said...

Thanks for the review. Hubby keeps telling me he gets a good employee discount on this particular vacuum at work. But I keep looking at how many $$$ it is, even w/ discount. Hmmmm, if it really works though, and goodness knows we have critters in this ol' house! You've given me food for thought :) -Tammy

Keeper of our Home said...

Tammy ~
If the discount is a good one, I would certainly suggest considering it. My personal thoughts. We have used it all over our home today and love, love, love it!!!

~Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. M,
Thanks for stopping by. I have added you to my side bar if that is ok. I love reading your blog and Miss Candi is excited to have another on line buddy.When you have time stop by and look at my back post. Miss Candi has a few post in there. Here is one of her favorites http://reallifeafter50.blogspot.com/2010/01/am-i-lazy.html
She calls our vaccumn cleaner the beast. She hates it. She even barks at the closet door where I store it.LOL
I look forward to many more laughs together.

Keeper of our Home said...

Elizabeth ~
Thank you so much for the add in. I am honored. I will certainly give your blog lots of back read attention. I love what I saw and look forward to reading more. Yes, the "girls" can never have too many buddies. *grin*

~Mrs. M

Grammy Blick said...

You are the second blogger I follow that bought/posted about a Dyson. Her review was just a tad more ecstatic -- something about falling in love. I'm thinking this is something to seriously consider.

SAHMinIL said...

Yes you WILL get your moneys worth! I've had mine Dyson an Animal DC14 since 2005 and it still works like it did on day one! If I ever get a new vacuum it will because I wanted to update my vacuum, not because by dyson broke. That is how I feel about these days! I truly believe dyson are worth every penny...now if they only made shampooers/carpet cleaners.

Anonymous said...

So jealous you got one! I want one, too!

Mrs.Dixon said...

We have 2 large dogs and 2 cats and 4 children, sooo we went through the same thing about a year and a half ago. I was so tired of buying the cheaper vacuums every 18 months so we decide to invest in a Dyson Animal. I did the same thing when we got home I had just cleaned with the old vacuum so I put together my new Dyson and gave it a try. I couldn't believe what it picked up! Not to mention that the house we lived in at the time had 20 very tall steps to the second floor that were covered in carpet. With the old vacuum it was a pain to try to hold it and the hose and clean at the same time. With the Dyson the hose for the attachments is sooooo long that I could leave it on the floor and go all the way to the top of the stairs! I love my Dyson I hope you love yours just as much!

bbmommy2 said...

Congrats on your new Dyson. I salivated over Dyson vacumes for years, and we finally purchased one in June. I love this vacume! I usually bought a $100 dollar vacume every two years on average, they always dissapointed. The Dyson is SO worth the investment.