Friday, January 29, 2010

Spring Garden 2010 ... Part 3

Hubby worked hard the other night transplanting some of our seedlings. Since I had some time on my hands I transplanted more of the Roma & Heirloom tomatoes for him. Our kitchen table is now being used as a temporary housing for the transplants, so thankfully we have our dining room table to eat at. There's still more to transplant so we have quite a bit of work left to do on them. But at least we are this much ahead of the game.

You can see the new sprouts starting to break through the soil.

The work area for transplanting.

We've already used over 100 cups so far, but we're going to
need more to finish the remaining transplants.

A few of the seedlings in their newly transplanted home.

This is just a fraction of the seedlings we have.
There's still plenty more waiting to be worked on.

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Mary said...

I was wondering where you were doing all this. I think the hubby needs to build you a greenhouse!