Saturday, January 23, 2010

Notes From My Desk

I 'm away from home...I happened to look to my right and there stands a man dressed in black pants, a long sleeve blue button up shirt with suspenders and a tan, flat topped straw hat. His beard was longer in length than I am accustomed to seeing. Yes, he was the epitome of everything Amish. As our eyes made contact, I said hello. With no words he gave a polite head nod in return and went back about his business. Oh what a great, yet unusual sight for this part of the world. Life is full of pleasant surprises. The day draws to a nice close.

I awake to find myself feeling warm and clammy. My throat feels like sandpaper. Theraflu here I come. It was another good day in spite of this bug trying to latch hold of me.

Funny how things can change in the blink of several hours. The day started out nicely. I took care of some errands early that morning, then was home by early afternoon. I'm feeling much better but I am still nursing my day and night time Theraflu to knock whatever it is off my body. Later in the afternoon I find out that not only I, but another individual are the root of all the world's problems (or at least the world as it revolves around the accuser.) Hmmm...strange, I never knew I had that much power in my little finger. Funny thing is....the problems this person speaks of are things that have nothing to do with me nor the other "culprit" they refer to. Decisions that are being made by outside individuals are being laid at other's feet instead of having the individual themself be accountable for their own actions. But this is a norm for this accuser. I move on as trivial, menial things have no place in the grand scheme of life.

You know, I once heard an Evangelist say that "he loves Christians, but he can't stand Church people." I never quite understood that fully until the past several months. I am finding out that with "true" Christian people you will most often know where they stand and what they believe. However, with (some) "Church" never know what to expect. One minute they have the holier than thou game face on when they are sitting in the pews or mingling with others from the Church. But get them away from there and they are a totally different person and character. They are oft times worse than non-saved folks. I dread to say it, but it's this type of people that turn others off from the Church (not a particular Church) in general. It's not fair that the whole Church across the board gets a bad wrap because of it but unfortunately it does.

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Jen said...

I agree with you 100%!!! We are having many difficulties lately with certain Christian's we know. They are very judgmental of us. Their children are very mean to our daughter, and they have their blinders on. They want to hear nothing of it. The kicker is he is a deacon in our church.

My husband and I have been called by God into ministry and he had talked with a Seminary college that was recommended by our pastor. They would not even look at my husband's application because I am divorced. He had not been married before. He would not even be able to be ordained through our church because of that same thing! Our view is God has called us into ministry...who are they to tell us we are not worthy of that calling?

I SO agree with you about "church" people. I know I'm a sinner and I have to ask for forgiveness everyday. I will pray for you...I already pray for my bloggy friends but I'll add this. Many blessings to you.