Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mail Call

How exciting!!! Hubby checked the mail this afternoon and in there was a package for me. It was my free copy of "Dinners on a Dime" from Gooseberry Patch! This makes book #70 something in my collection and #30 something for having a recipe published and getting a free copy. I just love GBP! They rock!

**Update....I've had a few moments to read through half of the first section and glance at the remainder of the book. I must say...GBP you certainly out did yourself! This is a great cookbook to help feed your family and cost very little. If you are looking to stretch your grocery budget but need some new recipe ideas, I would highly recommend picking up a copy for your self.

I don't recall when I sent off for a free sample of Airborne, but I know it wasn't that long ago (maybe 2 weeks) but my "sample" came today. When Hubby opened it we were taken's not a sample at all! Instead, it's not one but two full size packages!! Now that's what I call a sample. *grin*


Rachel said...

Oh, how nice! :D I LOVE the GP books! They are so good! :D I've thought of submitting a recipe to them before, I may someday. ;) HeHe! Since it actually works that is. :) Have fun trying out your new recipes! ;D

Wow! How generous! :D I hope you won't need them though. ;) Getting sick is not fun. :P

God Bless!
~Miss Rachel~

Flat Creek Farm said...

How wonderful! The cookbook is awesome I'm sure. And getting published... woo hoo! Congrats! I've heard Airborne is good stuff ~ can't beat free AND full-size! -Tammy

christschild said...

I may have to get one of these cookbooks. I'm always looking for new recipes and always in favor of doing it frugally:)