Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring Garden 2010 Is In The Works

Hubby started working on tilling up the garden area yesterday. It certainly got neglected during the late Fall and winter months, as you can clearly see...but Hubby is getting it back into shape.

So, while he was doing that, I pulled out my seed mix and trays. I didn't get all the seeds planted as I ran out of containers. I know we have more in the garage but I wasn't in the mood to look for them just yet. So that will be on my list of things to do today.

This is just a smidgen of the seeds I was able to harvest and save from our garden last summer. Starting from seeds helps to reduce your start up cost in gardening. However, by looking through several of the seed catalogs, I have noticed an increase in the price of seeds as a whole. Still, it's less expensive than buying transplants from the nursery or "big box" stores.

Now that our seeds have been planted and watered, it's time to place the grow light on them and let them begin to germinate (as best they can.) I can hardly wait to get out in the dirt and start harvesting our bounty.


Mary said...

Very resourceful! Thanks for sharing.

mrshester said... it that time for you again, already?? I'm getting the gardening itch myself, but we have a while to go yet :)

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I am so jealous we are still piled under snow! I remember watching your garden last Spring~you are about 4 months ahead of me!
I pray a blessing on your gardena and your seeds!

Keeper of our Home said...

I don't envy you with the snow...ok, maybe at Christmas time it would be nice to have it but then it could go away. Thanks for the garden prayers. I certainly will take all we can get.