Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Trashy Christmas Gift

I am so excited! Today I received an early Christmas gift from my Hubby. Well, he says it's not a gift but since I don't need or want anything really, I say it's a gift. Anyway...take a look at this big, beautiful present.... why on earth would I be excited to get a trash can for Christmas? Because I have been wanting to start my own compost bin and now I can!

I saved all the trimmings from working up my veggies yesterday and once I get my trash can ready I can start the composting process. Here's how I plan to do this.

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Anonymous said...

Keep us posted please as to how this system of composting works. Years ago when we first started composting I tried using a trash can but did not have but a few holes in it. I do not recommend doing it as I did!! You need the amount of holes the article says!! Mine started smelling exactly like an out house. We now use bins and have 4 always in the works. I am though, interested in this trash can system as I have friends who could do this method since they have little space for larger units. Thankyou for the information you have given us and continue to. Jodi