Thursday, December 17, 2009

The South Has Shrunk

Today's mail came and in it was the January 2010 issue of Southern Living magazine. Granted, I subscribed to it earlier this year as I got a discounted rate on it, so it wasn't as pricey as the regular subscription fee.

As I picked it up to set aside for reading later on, something felt a little strange to me. I looked a the magazine and noticed immediately what it was. The magazine has obviously been downsized and has shrunk! No longer does it seem that we will be receiving or buying the usual fat little magazine we have all been accustomed to from this publication. No instead we have this very trim edition. Makes me question...since the magazine has gone down in size, will the price go down as well? Or will they expect us to continue paying the same for less.


Mary said...

Yeah, the magazine industry is struggling for sure. I got my issue today too - which I got at a discounted price after not renewing and then getting a new subscription. Why? Because they wanted to renew me at the "special" price of $26.97 per year! Thanks but no thanks. I just canceled service and waited for a better offer as a new subscriber. I haven't looked at it either, but you're right, it was thin!

Keeper of our Home said...

What a "special!" *grin* You're right, it's definitely better to wait for a new subscriber deal or some other special. I used to really like Southern Living but it was such an expensive magazine. However, when I had the opportunity to subscribe to it at $9.00 for a year I jumped at the offer. So I guess for that price I shouldn't complain about it being thinner, but when you're used to getting more bang (or pages I should say) for your buck...I feel justified in letting my voice be heard.

~Mrs. M