Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quilt Teacher's Ten Commandments


by Cindy Thury Smith 1999

1. Thou shalt not ridicule a student’s choice of fabrics nor their colors; a student’s taste should be reflected in their work.

2. Thou shalt not require excessive expenditures for a class; thou dost not know a student’s financial situation.

3. Thou shalt provide students with clearly written and illustrated handouts. Thou shalt be able to explain a construction step with more than one method (written, verbal, visual).

4. Thou shalt provide value for their money; at least one other variation of the quilt in addition to the standard design.

5. Thou shalt be on time, start on time and provide time for questions.

6. Thou shalt circulate amongst the students, checking progress, even if thy feet dost hurt.

7. Thou shalt find something positive to say about each student’s work. Thou shalt not have a “My way or the highway” frame of mind; creativity comes in many forms.

8. When a student makes a good suggestion, thou will announce it to the class and give credit where due.

9. Thou shalt allow some time after class to help anyone who sews at a more leisurely pace.

10. Thou shalt show numerous samples; and if thou dost not have numerous samples done, make suggestions for other applications of the pattern.


cranky grandma said...

Sounds like a teacher I had once.... I say to them, perhaps auto mechanics would be a better field for you!

Grammy Blick said...

I am looking for such a teacher. Well, as soon as Christmas is over. The quilter I look up to is great, but she can quilt in her sleep. I need close watching!