Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Look Ahead To Change

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It's the 19th of December and that means there's only 6 more days left until CHRIStmas! Are you done with your shopping and gift wrapping yet? I admit I have a few small details to finish up but for the most part, things are done. While CHRISTmas is on my mind, my "focus" is not there.

Where on earth could my focus be then? It's on January! Yes, I am already thinking ahead to January. The traditional New Year's Resolutions are not something that we normally do. I'll admit it...the resolutions I have made in times past have mostly gone by the wayside before the months end. So I say forget resolutions all least for me that is.

I'm thinking ahead to January as a fresh start to get things in order. I would love to do a major deep clean on the house and get things reorganized. The garden area can use some tending to so that come time to add more dirt to it for planting it will ready. Then there's the seeds from last years harvest that need to be planted in their seed trays to begin the germination process so that we will have them ready come planting time.

We have talked about getting chickens this spring, so there's the preparations that need to be made for them as well. Hubby & I were talking last night about the home improvement projects that he wants to start working on when time allows. So needless to say, there are a myriad of things that will need to be tended to come January and the months to follow.

With all this, there is one very important home improvement project that I think we all sometimes forget about. That of our own personal home keeping...our spirit, soul and minds. As much as we like to say or think at times that we have spent enough time in the Word or with the LORD, I don't think we can ever really get enough of it.

Time management is one of the things that seem to be a big culprit in stealing us away from the Word. We have our busy schedules with work, family responsibilities, the kids extra-curricular activities as well as a myriad of other things that pull us in every direction. If we're not careful all these "things" and "activities" can end up pulling us in a direction that is opposite to the LORD.

Let's face it, we all have probably said at one time or more in our lives that we are going to start a better routine with our Bible study or going to Church more often...anything to spend more time with the LORD. But as with any good intention, we may have started strong but ended up finishing weak. Worse yet, we may have simply put it to the wayside all together. That wasn't the initial intent, but life some how just got in the way of our spiritual plans so it took a nose dive.

More than once I, myself, have been convicted with not reading my Bible like I should, or praying as much as I need to...but one thing always stands as a constant...when I do get back up and meet with the LORD, HE is always right there waiting for me with open arms. How comforting it is to be held by HIS hands and know that even though I have fallen short, HE loves me. Unconditionally loves me.

I urge you to begin taking assessment of things in your life. Is there something or multiple things that have kept you from spending more time with the LORD (or anytime for that matter)? Instead of making that resolution to do this or do that...why not make a conscious choice instead...The choice to not let the things, pressures and cares of the world keep you from communing with your Heavenly Father on a daily basis. Instead of leaving out early enough to stop off for that morning latte on the way to work, why not spend those moments in the presence of the LORD? I guarantee you, time with HIM is better than any caffeinated drink and it won't break the budget either!

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

We think much alike! I too~look forward to January for all putting life in proper order.
I know you would love chickens. I just love my girls even though they are a bit messy! They have become pets for sure.
You have a wonderful Christ filled week.
Christmas Wishes~