Friday, December 4, 2009

The Forecast Calls For... & A Treasured Find

Snow! Our weather forecast is calling for a chance of snow tonight. This is big, no...huge news, as our area of the world rarely gets snow. Granted last December we had an overnight snow fall but, it had been years prior to that and m-a-n-y years prior to that. So, this is big news for us.

I can hear the rain steadily falling outside my window and the air in the house has a slight, I think it's time to throw a log in the fireplace and make myself a cup of hot cocoa. Let it snow, let is snow, let is snow!

I just had to share a photo of my adorable snowman CHRISTmas tree. Isn't it precious!?! Our dear, sweet friend Mrs. F at Blessings Beyond gave it to us one year as a gift. I have treasured it always but last year, during our move to our new home, the box that it was normally packed in was never found. I was heart sick and thought it had been lost in the shuffle and had been mistakenly left at our our previous home and would never be seen again. So last CHRISTmas our snowman tree couldn't be part of the celebration. I was truly saddened over this and had not the heart to tell Mrs. F about it. I knew one day I would break down and share the story with her. (I guess today would be the day she finds out though wouldn't it!?! *grin*)

Well, as GOD'S timing would have it...Hubby made one last pass in one of our attics the other day and he happened upon a box. One that he had not seen before. Honestly, I hadn't seen it either, and trust me...we both looked high and low in both attics last year. He pulled it out and I began to open the lid. I let out a shriek that would have made one think there was a mouse in it. It was our snowman tree!!! Oh I started jumping for joy right then and there. I also swallowed my pride for a moment and looked at Hubby and told him I was sorry for thinking all this time that he had left our tree at the other house. Neither one of us can explain the mysterious appearance of this box, but at this point, who cares....I am just so excited to have it with us again. This year, I think I will store it in my closet so it will never be misplaced again.


Domestic Goddess said...

When my grandmother passed away I inherited her recipes. All her Christmas cookies and a few holiday favorites. I loved them because they were written in her handwriting and made me feel closer to her. So you would think I would have them in a special place. I had them with all my cook books and my recipe box. Then we moved. I looked all over for those recipes and couldn't find them. It was getting close to Christmas and I wanted to make her Kiffles and still couldn't find the recipe. I sat down and prayed to God about the recipes and how much I wanted to make these cookies. Please help me find them. The image of an old cook book came to mind and I got up and pulled it out. I opened the cover and there were all the recipes. I just stood there thanking the Lord!

Keeper of our Home said...

Domestic G ~ What a great treasure to have. When I think back scripture where the LORD tells us in Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" I can clearly see this is referring to anything....including heirloom recipes and CHRISTmas trees. Isn't it good to know that HE truly cares about everything that affects matter what it is.

Thank you so much for sharing this testimony with me.

~Mrs. M