Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie Exchange Recap

It was a busy day but boy was it a fun one! The cookie exchange was a huge success. We had so many cookies to exchange that we all must have gone home with at least 20 dozen cookies each...easily! I ended up with 5 full trays alone. There were so many yummy goodies that it was so hard to only pick a few. So instead we picked alot! *grin* Here are a few of the trays I ended with. Don't they look yummy!

As a special birthday treat, my friends brought lunch for us. We had Mrs. B's famous chicken spaghetti, that is the best I have had. To go with it, Mrs. T made one of her beautiful & tasty salads along with cheesy garlic bread. Oh let me tell you it was so good!

On top of that, I was surprised with birthday gifts. I was NOT expecting anything, so needless to say, I was caught off guard by it. I received some wonderful things that I just adore. Thank you so much everyone for such wonderfully sweet blessings.

Frosted Cranberry scented bath notions

A snowman cake plate & server and serving bowl

A Paula Deen casserole dish

Later in the day a delivery person stopped by to give me these...

I was so surprised by this as Hubby has been working 7 days a week the past month or more, so for him to find time to go by the florist and order these for me was so incredibly thoughtful and sweet. Now you may be thinking he could have just called the order in, but I can attest that this was not the case. one thing that is a constant for my Hubby is that he never lets the florist sign the card for him, he personally goes in and signs the message himself. This has always been one of his things that I think is so sweet of him. Well, upon opening my card I saw clear as day...Hubby's handwriting. So that was proof that he had gone to the florist in person. What a sweetheart he is. After work Hubby took me out to eat for a nice, intimate dinner for two at an upper scale restaurant.

I can truly say, I am one blessed woman. Thank you everyone for helping to make this a splendid day full of laughter, good friends and love.


Blessed Beyond said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope your day is special, like you!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I am so happy for all your wonderful gifts. I am jealous of the Paula dish. How fun. I am so glad your were spoiled on your day. You are very blessed but you are a blessing too!
Have a great day!
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