Sunday, November 15, 2009

Target Stockpile

I was able to run by Target after all, so I was able to take advantage of their grocery sale that started today. By the time I got there (after Church) the shelves had been pretty picked through, but I was still able to pick up quiet a few cans to add to our pantry stockpile. This is really a good deal, so now is really a great time to start stocking your pantry.

With everything that I bought, my total was only $29.57 out of pocket. Since the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales are looking pretty nice right now, I will admit that our normal monthly grocery budget will go up some. This will even itself out in the upcoming months since we will have so much extra on hand that we won't have a huge list of things to buy when market shopping comes.


cranky grandma said...

Great buys!

Here's a little something I thought you may find interesting! I was really looking forward to something similar in our area (Iowa), and since the nearest Target or Walmart is 60+ miles away, our local chain had a weak imitation of this sale!

"Store" brand Cream of Chick and Mush were .58 each.

I don't know about you, but there are a lot of "generic" things that I happily buy, but creamed soups is not one of them!

Sigh. Oh well! On a lighter note, you can buy pork for .99 a pound all day long here - if you can still stand it, after smelling the hog manure day in and day out! hahaha!

Keeper of our Home said...

Cranky G ~

That's a low price even for store brands. Here it is about 10 cents higher...although some store brands aren't that bad, I admit I like the Campbell brand best. I do make my own cream of...soups but at this price it was more cost effective to buy it than make it from scratch.

Ok, I would be stocking up on pork at that price. It's much higher here in my state but I guess it's par for the course.

~Mrs. M

The imPerfect Housewife said...

Great deals!! My husband works for a grocery chain here in the midwest so that's pretty much what I stick to and it kills me sometimes when I see great deals like that. He feels it's being disloyal if we shop elsewhere but I think it's smart sometimes if we can save a bit. His chain has great deals but sometimes you just wanna go outside the box!! ☺ Have a great day ~ ♥

Jen said...

We are doing the same thing. We stock up on everything that is a great sale item. I love being able to pick up items i would not normally buy at regular price.