Monday, November 23, 2009

Blog Reconfiguration

I found a really neat site that had some pretty 3 column blog backgrounds on it. I had not seen this site before so I was happy to find it. However, when I used one of their background codes on my blog, I could NOT get rid of it!! I tried changing my background numerous times and still the new sites code was attached like a suction cup to my blog. UUUGGGHHH!!! This is so frustrating. So I want to warn you, if you ever change your background...proceed with caution or you'll get stuck like I did. The only way I could get rid of the stupid background was to completely start my blog template over. So now I have had to reconfigure everything back to 3 column and reinstall all of my widgets, graphics and links. However, I STILL get the same background image on my site. What is the deal!!!???? This is so FRUSTRATING! So again, I warn you to be careful in using background sites or any site for that matter. I am not saying this website is bad, but as for my experience I am leery of using any background site at all now. Back to the drawing board to see how the heck to get rid of this parasite.

***UPDATE*** I did contact the graphics owner & received a reply. However, after hours of working on it myself I was finally able to remedy the situation on my own. What a nightmare this was.


momstheword said...

Have you asked the blog author for help? I wish I could help you but I have no idea. My blog was designed for me (I won a contest).

I have read stories about bloggers who converted to a 3 column blog and how it messed up their blog and they had to reinstall all their widgets again. But they never mentioned a background.

~Joann~ said...

Hi, don't know if this will help or not but what about reseting the date of your computer for before you made the change, my husband has done it to mine numerous times for dumb mistakes I make downloading something that I can't get rid of. Not sure how you do it but maybe if you google it there will be someone out there who does know how. My husband is at work or I would ask him.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I actually looked around this afternoon, trying to decide if I wanted to change to a Christmas background. I am happy with what I have, and your sad mess has convinced me to keep what I have and be happy with it!!!

cranky grandma said...

Oh crud! What a bummer!