Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Market Shopping Round Up

So today was my day to go to the market. I hadn't been since last month, so we were definitely in need of a few things...namely cat litter! *ick!* And of course the dogs were needing a refill, so a stop at the feed store on the way home was in order as well. I had gone with the intent of spending no more than $100.00 total between both places. So how did I do? Not too shabby I will admit. I had a ton of coupons that I was able to use on things we needed, and I admit on a few things we just wanted. So that made the "extra" goodies not so bad.

My total bill at the market came to $124.41
Less my coupons (at face value) $30.37
Next the addition of the double and triple coupon values $4.55
My Kroger plus savings $9.71
Total out of pocket.....$79.78
Just in coupons alone I saved $34.92. I was thrilled at that. Of course the person behind me in line was not happy to have to wait for all my coupons to be scanned but hey, it's my money not theirs so deal with it buddy! *grin*

Then I stopped at the feed store and bought my dog food. With tax I paid $18.39 for a H-U-G-E bag that the dogs just love. It's actually a better food too so they don't eat as much of it nor do they have that much waste from it. So this is a great deal.

My total out of pocket cost for the day.....$98.17 What do you know, I still have $1.83 left over to put towards next months grocery budget or a route 44 Vanilla Dr. Pepper during Sonic's happy hour. Hmmm....that sounds mighty tasty.