Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy Little Thing

Last night was supposed to be a lunar equinox and with that certain strange little things would occur, one such thing being that your broom would be able to stand on its own. So we tried it and sure enough, it worked. I am sharing two angles of it so show that there really isn't anything holding it up, it's solely on it's own.

Isn't that crazy!!

**For those that are wondering what a Fall, Autumn or Fall Lunar Equinox is...I honestly couldn't tell you. I have internet searched on it but really to me there are no definitive answers. I only tried the broom experiment because someone mentioned it to me. As far as how they knew to do that at this particular time or day I have no idea. Sorry I can't be more informative on this subject.


Ronda said...

OK....that's weird and a lil spooky to boot.
So what causes this????

Just wonderin?

Love & Prayers,

Keeper of our Home said...

Ronda ~
I have NO IDEA! But it is spooky in a way I agree.

~Mrs. M

Becky said...

What is a lunar equinox. I know what spring and fall equinoxes are, but I've never heard of a lunar equinox. I even Googled it and mostly came up with things like lunar month, and vernal (spring) and autumnal equinox (and somebody's facebook with lunar equinox it it, but I was unwilling to click on that). When do they happen?

Simply Heart And Home said...

That is so interesting! I'd never heard that before.
and BOO! You are cordially invited to participate in this month's Country Heart Giveaway.


Sandra said...

Do you see the google ad box on your post? I can't read the left half of your post because the box is on top of it. There isn't a X for me to close it out either. Just wondering if you knew it was there or if it's just my computer.

Keeper of our Home said...

Sandra ~
Can you see the full post now? thanks for letting me know the issue.

~Mrs. M

Anonymous said...

That's weird, and kind of . . . strange!

BTW, your house looks spotless and emaculate (smiles)!

SAHMinIL said...

I found your blog via google reader. It was one of the "suggested blogs" tonight. I just had to say that broom is freaky!

Keeper of our Home said...


I am so glad you found me. I hope you enjoy your visit here.

~Mrs. M