Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Two Way Street Or Dead End Drive?

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There are some people that we all have encountered in our life that are deep down truly good people. They have a heart of gold, but unfortunately they are filled with so much pride that it hinders GOD'S use of them. Now I am not saying that GOD can't use the proud & pious, if they are willing to be used; but when strings are attached it limits the LORD.

A phone call was made by a particular individual (we'll call this person Ananias) but instead of reaching the person they intended to call (we'll call him Paul), they were directed to voice mail. A message was left with the verbalized intent of the call. This was two days ago and as of yet, Ananias has yet to hear back from Paul. Ok, in the grand scheme of things...this is really no big deal. After all Paul works a full time job during the day & due to the nature of his position he also work in the evenings as an educator at the University. In addition to this, Paul also wears the hat of counselor, hospital ministry, husband & father. So to say that Paul has a 9 to 5 job is no where close. However, because he has yet to make a return phone call, Ananias has been bent out of shape over it. Unfortunately Ananias is not giving proper consideration to Paul's job, life or ministry. It is a simple issue of "Paul just don't have any respect for me." This is not the first time that Ananias has spoken negatively concerning Paul as well certain others.

Let me give a little background on the relationship between Ananias & Paul. They have known each other for many, many years. They both ministered together in the Church and have been good friends. However, it was not without notice that Ananias had an issue with pride. Ananias has always thought himself to be more highly thought than others in ministry that he was associated with. Was this thought by all? No, it was merely Ananias and his pride. Granted the LORD has blessed Ananias with a revelation of Himself and Ananias is well grounded in his faith. However, no matter how grounded one is, when you stand on quicksand it's just a matter of time before your eventually sink.

aul is a gentle man that has a heart of pure love for everyone. He is a living example of a gentile spirit, soft spoken demeanor and he truly cares for everyone. Paul is sensitive to the spirit and to the voice of the LORD. Ananias is also, however there is a difference between the two...where as Paul does something for the glory of GOD, Ananias does it for the promoting and glory of himself. Ananias's initial prompting may truly be for the glory of the LORD but pride comes in and he for some reason feels the need to show off.

I have never seen or read in scripture where the LORD, in all the time that HE was on this earth preaching the Gospel brow beat people with the Word. On the contrary, HE walked, talked and taught in love. So it seems very un-biblical for Ananias to minister in a fashion that brow beats those he encounters. Instead of turning people on to GOD, his demeanor actually turns them off. It's so unfortunate that he refuses to see this. His thought process is "I'm right & everyone else is wrong!" This is not just in ministry but with everything in life as a whole.

Paul & Ananias had been members and workers under a particular ministry together, one as a volunteer and one on the payroll. They both filled totally different roles but did work together for the common goal...bringing people to the LORD and for healing and restoration. Ananias was very good at praying for the sick and seeing them get healed, but soon things were a matter of "I went and prayed over this person and they were healed. GOD showed up & showed off because of me!" No the LORD healed that person by the stripes that were placed on HIS back over 2000 years ago. Soon Ananias became dissatisfied with the ministry the LORD placed him under & because of his pride and jealousy he remained there only to be a source of contention. He would back bite & trash talk against the ministry head. Ananias began back biting the ministry and it's workers to Paul. Not once, but multiple times. The LORD had placed both Paul and Ananias there for a reason, so how do you think this made Paul feel when every time he was around Ananias all that he heard was negative, back biting remarks!?! Being the man Paul is, I'm sure he has prayed countless prayers for Ananias but until his prideful spirit is broken, the LORD'S hands are tied.

nanias could be a great asset to the Kingdom of GOD but because of pride he refuses to let go and let GOD. This has affected every relationship in Ananias's life, and not all for the good. Friends and family have begun to avoid Ananias. When others encounter him they quickly begin thinking to themselves, "Why did I open my mouth? I knew he would start like that?" You could talk to Ananias about a sale on meat at the store and automatically he will get so off course and begin preaching at you. I can understand and tolerate being preached at for a moment of two but for an hour or more...that is crazy! Even at Church you get a break between morning and evening service. *grin* It's not like he even has a valid sermon, it's just continual banter that is aimed at condemning you according to his own judging and then telling you how and when you need to pray about something. He knows all and everyone else is stupid in his eyes, and as he thinks, he has to educate everyone. UUUGGHH!!!!

Ananias has never stopped talking bad about the ministry he left (and that was over a year ago.) So this phone call issue is just more fuel for the fire for him. It's so frustrating and sad. Ananias has "tried" other Churches but none of them are what he is looking for. None of the Pastor's have a true relationship with the LORD, they simply talk about HIM but they don't know HIM...but Ananias does as he tells everyone. One of his things is "GOD talks to all of us just as much as he does a Pastor, but I know more of and about GOD than anyone." He constantly promotes himself and gets no where with it, but the issue is everyone else not him. Ananias truly wants to be used by GOD but unless he learns to submit, his own ministry will remain as stagnant as it is now.

Paul has yet to return Ananias's call, so in the words of Ananias today "I hate to be this way but that phone works both ways. It can call out just as well as it can receive calls. It's a two way street. So from here on out, the hell with him and everyone else." For someone who always beats people over the head with "you need to walk in love..walk in GOD'S love," I don't see this as anywhere near walking in love. Do you?

Something I think Ananias needs to realize is that people don't always want to be around or talk to someone who is constantly back biting and trashing other people and ministries. Ananias is right though, that road is a two way street, but unfortunately when you drive down it with turns out to be a dead end drive.

My prayer today: FATHER GOD, I know I am not perfect and that I have my own faults. But I ask you to forgive me if I myself have ever made someone feel as if I was taking them on a dead end drive. May everything I do be solely for YOUR glory and for YOUR praise. I do not seek the praise of men only that which pleases and edifies YOU. No matter what season of life I may be in, let me always walk in YOUR will and be humbled by YOUR grace. I love YOU LORD. In JESUS mighty Name. ~Amen

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Domestic Goddess said...

I know people like this and I have to be very careful because sometimes this can be me. I fall to self glory. Look at ME see what I have done. It couldn't happen without ME. I have to remind myself that I can't do anything without HIM.