Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Reader's Question - Canning Stock

I always love hearing from my wonderful readers, so first let me say thank you for taking time to leave me your thoughts. I had a question this morning that I wanted to answer as soon as time allowed this afternoon, so Christie this is for you. *grin*

"Christie said..Your pantry looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing. How do you do the different stocks? I've had some experience canning, but have never done stocks. Thanks"
I have a really easy method, at least for me it is when doing my stocks. I take my carcass (chicken, turkey, ham bone, etc.) and place them either in a crock pot or an electric roaster oven. Prepare the stock as normal (water, seasonings, vegetables) and allow it to cook on low heat for several hours or until it is the desired taste that I am striving for. Using my water bath canner I prepare my jars for sterilization and then ladle the hot stock into the hot sterile jars. Place seals and lids as usual and then place in a pressure canner. Depending upon your specific pressure, add in about water about 1/4 of the way up to the bottom of the rack inside the canner itself. You do not want to cover the jars with water as you would a water bath. Place lid on canner and allow to heat over stove burner until the correct pressure has been reached. Again, you will want to refer to your specific canner manual for suggested canning guidelines for pressure canning stocks. Then allow it to pressure can the stock for the required time. The time will depend on the variety of the stock itself as well as the size of your jars, just as if you were using a water bath canner.

Presto has a great Canning Guide that has a wealth of information for the home canner to use. Check it out HERE for more information. I hope this helps Christie. Again, thank you so much for asking and commenting. I certainly appreciate your time.


Anonymous said...

OH Mrs. M--thank you for sharing this. I have thrown away chicken carcasses, knowing that I can use them for stock, but just not wanting to make chicken soup for the family---again and again. Thank you for giving me something to use my carcasses for again!

cranky grandma said...

Mrs. M, do you find that canned stock differs much from frozen? I ordinarily follow your procedure (carcass, seasonings, etc.) and then pour into freezer containers, refrigerate overnight, skim the fat, and then freeze.
But I'm thinking the pantry has more room than the freezer! Do you find these canned stocks richer? More intense? No diff?

Keeper of our Home said...

Cranky G ~

Frozen -vs- canned...this is just my personal thoughts and taste (others may differ from me and that's ok) ~~ I find that the canned are a little richer in flavor than frozen. Reason being..when frozen and thawed it seems to get somewhat diluted. Not terrible noticeable to some but to me I can tell. But again that's my taste opinion. I enjoy canning them moreso than freezing due to taste and as you brought to attention, due to space issues. The pantry can hold more than the freezer so that's my choice.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you do decide to pressure can the next time you stock pile.

Have a grand Friday!

~Mrs. M