Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bank Of America? No, Bank Of Slime

Personally I don't think there was a "break down in communication" it was absolutely unacceptable!!!


Mrs.Garcia said...

I live in the Same State where Bank of America choose not to allow the American Flags to be placed in front of the Bank while the Route for the Marine who died in active duty was going by the Bank now the County where this happened has chosen to close there accounts with Bank of America!

Keeper of our Home said...

Mrs. Garcia ~
You know it is so sad that BOA did this. But it's good to know that American's are finally getting their fill of our country going in the wrong direction. Kuddos to the County to remove their account. More American's need to stand up and make their voice heard...and not just on the BOA issue.

cranky grandma said...

I had to watch this video several times just to listen to this wonderful woman speak in such an intelligent, compassionate and patriotic way. She is a true American, the very best kind.

And I surely hope the branch manager lost her job. I wonder where we can go to find out?

Simply Heart And Home said...

I am finally making it here. :)

Thank you for reminding me to order a cord or two of wood.



Anonymous said...

Funny that Bank of AMERICA chose not to fly the flag that day. I am not sure I believe that this branch manager misunderstood policy--it sounds more like BofA made a dumb decision, then made the branch manager the scapegoat in their flub.

Mrs.Garcia said...

The Bank Manager of that Particular Bank of America is no longer working with that Bank of America I have not heard if she has lost her job with all of Bank of America or just that one Particular Bank of America.
Please still keep the Folks Family still in your Prayers!
God Bless America,

Keeper of our Home said...

Mrs. Garcia ~

That is a shame that the person lost their job there as I don't want to see anyone jobless, but in the same sense they made a terrible error in judgment and something should be done about it. So it's a catch 22. Thanks for the update thought.

~Mrs. M