Saturday, September 5, 2009

As Gomer Pyle Would Say..."Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"

We really haven't been in the shopping market for a new freezer as we already have 2 in our garage as is. A chest freezer that is 7 cubic foot and an upright that is 14 cubic foot.Although neither of our freezers are frost free (which would have been a nice feature to have) they work wonderfully as is, so we have nothing to complain about. Anyway, we stay pretty packed in both freezers, and as often as I try to keep things organized, it can be a chore...especially with the chest freezer. It's just so hard to keep things rotated so that nothing goes to the bottom of the chest and never gets discovered until it's too late. But it keeps things frozen & that's the main thing.

Here's a peek into the chest freezer. Now you know why I say it's hard to know what's in there at a glance. I usually have to keep an inventory list running and then once a month or two reorganize as we take things out or put new items in. But again, it stays frozen so that's the main thing.

The upright freezer isn't near as hard to find things but it too can fill up quickly and need it's organizing from month to month. We are just thankful that we have them both as we definitely get the use out of them.

This morning Hubby left to run an errand and when he came home, he had a definite blessing in tow...a 26.7 cubic foot Kenmore frost free commercial freezer! We were blessed with a new freezer that only cost us Hubby's man power to pick it up and bring it home. It's less than a year old and is in fantastic condition.

The shelves are made with glass and there are baskets in the door as well as on the bottom of the main compartment. I have always wanted one with, what I call the fancy accessories, like these. It has some really cool features to it that I would have never thought of, including a really neat alarm system that will alert you if the temperature begins to fall. This is great so that if anything were to happen you would know in advance that it's not cooling properly and therefore prevent a loss in food. How cool is that!?! Ok, so many of you may have this on yours already but for me its all a new.

It certainly didn't take long to fill it up. But the great thing is now things are really organized. The new freezer holds all of our vegetables, breads, lunch meats, grated cheeses, etc. As well as a plethora of other items.

And the smaller upright can be used for just meats. This is going to make things so much easier to find as well as know what meats we have when doing our menu planning. It doesn't take much to make me happy, so with this huge blessing you know I am just ecstatic! Now we get to bless someone else with our chest freezer. How cool is that!! GOD is so good to HIS children.


Lori said...

Well, as Gomer also used to say....SHAZAM!!! :) Isn't that wonderful!? What a blessing! So glad you shared.

Sandra said...

I LOVE my upright freezers. We have two that are upright and one chest. We have to dig and dig to get stuff out of the bottom. When that one goes out we will never get another chest freezer. I love being able to open the door and see every thing. I know you'll enjoy that nice big freezer.