Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spend Thrift or Thrifty Spender

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Would you humor me for a moment as I get on the proverbial "soap box" for a moment!?!

This is not a word definition post, but I feel it is important to discern the meanings of these words....
Spend Thrift....a person who spends money wastefully, a recklessly extravagant consumer, wasteful or extravagant

Thrifty Spender.... a person who practices or is marked by the practice of thrift, wisely economical, one who is not wasteful with money
Now on with the show ~ I have seen many, many blogs and websites out there that are geared towards money savings tips. There are sites that promote discount codes, coupon links, etc. But after reading a few this morning, I had to stop and laugh. Then I asked myself, even though they are promoting sales and discounts, are these sites actually helping you manage your money? Or are they just giving you new and exciting outlets for stimulating the economy?

For example, one site boasts "Free $10 Mall Gift Card." Well, that would certainly spark one's interest, but after reading further, you realize that you are going to be sent to another site that will issue a voucher you present at the customer service desk in the mall ALONG WITH $75 in shopping receipts to get your free $10 gift card. So what the heck is free about it? Personally, if I had an extra $75 bucks to go blow at the mall, then I really wouldn't be too worried about getting that extra $10 card that might buy me one small latte at Starbucks and a scone (if that.)

ext we have the "Free Lip product at Bath & Body Works" promotion. Yes, this is a $7.50 value but the catch is that you get it free with any Bath & Body Works purchase. So even if you choose something cheap, you're still out that amount plus tax and shipping. So your free lip product just cost you more than you planned to spend in the first place.

These are just a few of the cliche "good offers" that people promote on their sites all in the name of helping others "stretch their money and save." In all actuality, what are you saving? NOT A DIME!! Not even a penny. Yes, these might be good bargains for some, but I just don't think most people really benefit from them. Look at it this way...if you have "X" amount in the bank but you see an online post/message about a sale that seems too good to pass up so you go out and take advantage of it. Well, yes you may have gone to JC Penney with your $10 off a $10 purchase & saved $10 but in the end you spend $53.96 out of pocket. Tell me...what did you really save? I can answer that for you...NOTHING!!! Not to mention your "X" bank balance has just dwindled unnecessarily.

So while these sites are good in the fact that they do make you aware of coupons, codes and discounts that you may never have know of otherwise, they really aren't geared towards helping one be a better steward of their finances. They are promoting the art of being a Spend Thrift with the justification being that you had a coupon or it was a limited time offer, so it made it worth while.

Personally, our family's hard earned money looks better in our bank account than in the pockets of others. So while I admit, I still will read some of these sites, but I will be firm in my stance of being the best Thrifty Spender I can be.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now. Thank you for allowing me to rant for a moment.


Anonymous said...

ITA with your rant, Mrs. M. I can't tell you how many times I sat making my shopping list, wondering "what the heck am I doing?" and scrapped the list.

Good post!

Anonymous said...

I most certainly agree with you. I have just recently decided to stop reading deal blogs altogether. The time it takes to pursue deals can be more wisely spent elsewhere in my life.

I was finding that there were some non-legit deals being posted which became frustrating to me after signing up for a few and finding out after the fact. Just got tired of it all really.

Secondly, do I really need all those deals? I mean, when does enough become enough in one's life? So now I am focusing on true needs, and buying my simple groceries (mostly ingredients) and staying home to take care of what is more important to me.

I still plan to be frugal, but I am also going to be wise with my time which is just as important, if not more.


Keeper of our Home said...

Lyn ~

Very well said. You hit the nail on the head with your comment. Thank you for sharing.

~Mrs. M