Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sew Easy Free Form Pillows

Even though it may not "feel" like Fall is approaching, we can still get those Autumn decorations out. Hey, it may be 100* degrees outside but it can look like a cool chill is in the air indoors when you look at your decor. Remember though, that the objective to seasonal home decoration is to enhance your home's atmosphere, not to go broke at the craft stores. So in light of this, I wanted to re-visit with you my frugal sewing project that I did last year using some very inexpensive fall fabric that I got on discount. I had the pillow forms from a sale the year before so it cost next to nothing to make these.

Sew Easy Free Form Pillows

First I laid out my fabric and ironed it. I then set both my pillow forms atop of the material and cut it in half; allowing enough material to completely cover each pillow form. Once the fabric was cut I folded the individual pieces in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing out. Placing the pillow fabric on top of the folded material I marked out where my edges need to be pinned in order to sew the side seams.

Using my pins as a guide, I sewed each side using a basic running stitch on my machine.

Once the sides were complete, I inserted the pillow form to make sure it fit properly.

Next I marked out the bottom seam and pinned it for sewing.

I sewed the bottom edge closed a little more than half way; allowing an opening in order to turn fabric right side out.

Turn fabric right side out.

Next you will want to insert your pillow form inside of the fabric. This may take a little manipulating of the pillow form itself to get it to fit, but trust will fit in there.

Finally, pin your opening together and either hand sew or machine sew it closed. (I opted to use my machine as it saved me time.)

Voila! My new Fall sofa pillow! It was easy and best of didn't cost a thing. Now that's a price I can live with. Happy sewing everyone!!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a simple way to make pillows without having to use a tape and perhaps cutting and miss the measurements and wind up with the cover to big or too little. Thanks will give it a try.

Marie said...

Thanks for the directions for making the pillows. Yours are beautiful. I hope to try to make some for my porch.

Michele said...

What a great idea! We could use some fresh pillows and I have plenty of fabric I could do this with. Thanks for the idea!

Jen said...

I have an old table cloth I could make these with. Thank you for sharing such an easy pattern. Also, I made the corn cobb jelly and it is great! I am so blessed by your blog. My Mom worked outside of the home and I never learned how to do a lot of "home keeping" skills. If I have a question I'm able to come to your blog and usually find a way to do it. Thank you!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Very cute~
You are amazing!

Renee said...

What a neat ideal! Thanks for sharing.

Keeper of our Home said...

Jen ~

I admit I got weepy eyed reading your comment. That means so much to me. My Mom worked outside the home too, so it is my desire to learn all I can to be the best Home Keeper GOD has designed me to be.

I am glad to hear your report on the corn cob jelly. I just love that stuff. It's more like honey to me than a jelly. But either way, it's good stuff!

~Mrs. M