Saturday, July 4, 2009

How We Spent The 4th Of July

After lunch we went to Target to cash in on the great sale they had on corn. At 10 ears for $1.00, this was a deal I didn't want to pass up. So 40 ears later we have plenty to eat, freeze and make corn cob jelly with.

Next we went to HEB to pick up a few things...a 12-pk. of bottled water, ice cream and chips. Best of was all FREE! if you subscribe to the mailing list, they send you out free coupons and discount coupons. If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for!?!

Since it's so hot and dry in our area, there are burn bans being enforced. This means that we will still have some firework displays, but it will be few and far between. That's ok with us, it's way too hot to get out there anyway. Not to mention all the traffic that will be rushing about. We're going to pass on that. So tonight we are having a few friends over for hot dogs, corn on the cob and desert. Everyone has been wanting to see the new Transformer 2 movie but they have graciously decided to wait until I see the first one. They've all seen it but I haven't, so tonight is movie night. I think it's a two fold deal to be honest. First we all get to hang out together and second, Hubby gets to show off his surround sound. Men and their toys! *grin*

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Speaking of hot dogs, did you watch the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest this morning? The defending champion, Joey (Jaws) Chestnut won yet again. His winning total today was 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes! Yes, that includes the bun too! What does the "wiener" of a hot dog eating contest win? He'll take home $20,000 in prize money and the coveted Mustard Belt. Now that's a tasty desert! I asked Hubby how many he thought he could eat in 10 minutes and his reply was "I'm not sure but I have a bunch in the kitchen that I can start practicing on tonight if you want me too." I think I'll pass on that but I appreciate him offering. *grin*


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Great thinking on the corn! What a great buy~

Lori said...

Sounds like y'all had lots of 4th fun! I can't believe you got corn at those prices! Wow! :)