Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Hills Are Alive With Surround Sound

As if Hubby doesn't play the t.v. loud enough already, today he received an early Father's Day present...the gift of surround sound! As tired as he was after working all day, the first thing he did when he saw the box waiting there for him in the living room was let out the biggest smile and then immediately start tearing into the box. Yes, within minutes he had everything on the entertainment center pulled out, plugged in and ready to go. This weekend he will mount the speakers but for now he is just fine with his temporary setup. Now it's off to watch the Bourne Identity.

I was just informed that "you can hear the boat creaking in one speaker & footsteps in another. This is so neat!" As you can tell, he is loving his new toy. *grin* The only draw back to it is that it came with an iPod dock. We have MP3 players that we love, but now Hubby informs me that "maybe we should invest in an inexpensive iPod." Maybe for Christmas this will be an idea but for now, he'll have to wait. *smile*

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Pamela said...

I'm not that crazy about surround sound - I think the tv is loud enough as it is - but I have to admit that when it was raining on the tv and I wasn't really paying attention to the program, I actually turned around to see which window had been left open!!