Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Grocery Savings Roundup

As I mentioned earlier, I began my weekend grocery shopping off to a good money saving start. I since then finished my shopping this afternoon, so let's check things out and see how I did.

After JANE4girls gave her money saving tip on the Kashi waffles, I had to run over there and pick up a few boxes (8 to be exact) for myself. Vocalpoint sent out a coupon package that had 6 coupons for the waffles in it. One was for a free box and the others were $1.50 off coupons. There is also an additional set of $1.50 off coupons that you can print from here which can be used in addition to those that were mailed out. Target had the waffles on sale for $1.79 a box, so with your coupons they will only cost you .29cents a box. The mayonnaise was also on sale for $1.99 and I had a $1.00 coupon so that made it .99 cents.

Total cost of items before coupons $16.31
otal saved in vendor coupons $13.29

Total cost OOP (out of pocket) $3.02

Next I went to Kroger and picked up the remainder of my grocery needs. This included pet supplies (dog/cat food, cat litter) as well as paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels.) {I bought 4 gallons of milk since they were $1.99 each, but as you see in the photo only 1 gallon is shown -- the others are in the freezer already.}

Total cost of items before coupons $130.43
otal saved in vendor coupons $18.07

Total cost OOP (out of pocket) $112.36

Roundup for complete weekend grocery shopping
Overall cost OOP...$116.35
Overall savings...$35.75

We have plenty of meat in the freezer from previous shopping ventures as well as a good supply of pantry staples. I will need to make some bread though this week but other than that, we are pretty set on our food supply. So I would say that's not a bad amount to spend, especially considering this is our total grocery expediture for the month of May.

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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

$115.38 / month for a small family is TERRIFIC! Congratulations on keeping that hard earned cash in your wallets/bank account(s).