Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Sundries 5-31-09

Yesterday was grocery shopping morning. I found some great deals, one in particular was for flour. That made me happy. I really didn't want to buy the no name, store brand as I find that it just isn't always consistent in baking. However, with the rising cost of groceries I was tempted to buy the store brand for $7.99 instead of my regular brand at $9.49. I knew I had enough flour though at home to make up my rolls and bread that I needed but I would need to replenish it soon. So I continued my shopping and at the other end of the store I stopped to check out the "mark down" table. As I rounded the corner of the isle what did I see...a 25lb bag of flour. Not any flour, but the one I use. There was nothing wrong with it at all. No tears in the bag, it had not expired...there was nothing wrong with it. As I looked for the price tag it was marked $4.79! I grabbed that up right away. Again, I stress it is important to pray before you shop. This once again proves how the LORD will make ways for you.

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I also was in need of more vinegar for my cleaning recipes, so I made sure to print out my .50 cents off coupon from Heinz before I left the house. With the beauty of double coupons I was able to save $1.00 off and it made the gallon size jug cheaper than the store brand's original price. I couldn't beat that.

On a side note...if you are a Kroger shopper, here's a tip I want to share with you. As I was checking out, no one scanned the items on the bottom of my basket. Normally they have the sacker come by with the had held scanner and do this so you don't have to unload those bulky items. Well, this particular time they missed it. I didn't think about it either until the cashier began to ring up my coupons and it dawned on me, so I reminded them that the 3 things on the bottom of the basket never got scanned. Well, because they have what's called the "Big K" policy which I didn't know about until now. If they forget to scan your bottom basket items, then you get a free 2 litter of Big K soda. Now it's now a big thing but hey anything free now days is a good thing. So I proudly toted out my 2 liter of big K. Isn't is neat how the LORD rewards you for being honest!

Our Youth group from Church held a garage sale Friday & Saturday to help raise funds for their summer convention, so of course I had to take a peek. Look what I found for $1.00...a water bath canner! I couldn't pass it up. With a little soap and water it will be just fine. Right now I have 2 of the larger, deep canners but this one is wide and shallow. So this one will be great for those 1/2 pint jars.

Then it was off to get my baking done. I made 2 loaves of white-wheat bread and a batch of dinner rolls. Boy does this certainly make the kitchen smell great!

Speaking of wonderful aromas from the kitchen...Hubby baked a turkey and smoked a ham on the pit outside for a luncheon that our Church is having today to honor our graduates. The Church is also honoring our wonderful Youth Pastor and family, who have been called by the LORD to take on position as Senior Pastor in another AG Church up the country. We will certainly miss them, but we pray a special blessing over them. They are truly lovely people that I am certain we all will miss.


Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

PRAISE the LORD for such bargans!!!


Amanda said...

Hello, I am wanting to try out this wonderful roll recipe. I know we can't eat them all at once. so what do you do to store them? and how long will they keep.

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...


We don't eat that many either, so for my left overs I simply place them in a zip top bag and store them in the freezer. As I need them I take a few out that morning and let them thaw. They are as good as the day I baked them.