Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. M's Quick & Easy Kitchen Tip

Here's a quick and easy way to thaw something out without having to take hours to do so...

Years ago they came out with a tray that magically thawed out meats and other stuff in a fraction of the time. Although I never used one, Hubby said they had one growing up and it really did work. Well, this is Hubby's version of the magic thaw tray.

Take any cast aluminum pot or tray you have in your cabinet and use that instead! It's cheap and easy! The concept is the same as the magic thaw was just a tray made of cast aluminum.

Here I am thawing out my lunch meat on our Calphalon cast aluminum griddle. Hubby turns it upside down to increase the airflow making this a great "super-conductor." In no time we will have completely thawed lunch meat without waiting all day for it to thaw. Do I not have the smartest husband or what!?!

And here we have fully thawed lunch meat. How long did this take? 30 minutes!!! Now that's fast.


Bonnie said...

Wow ... I'll have to try that !

Conny said...

OH! I have one of those meat thawer-things!! I totally forgot that I did! It does work - but how clever of your hubby to "invent" his own version :)

Ronda said...

ding dang if that isn't just about the smartest thing ever!!!!
Im going to have to remember this one for....well nearly everyday use.

Thanks for sharing this one sweetie.

Love & Prayers,