Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Would You Buy At A Bake Sale?

Just wanted to ask a quick question to all of you. As I mentioned the other day our Women's ministry is going to be holding a bake sale this Saturday from 10am - 4pm. Now I know the usual bake sale goodies will be brought, cup cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. But I was wondering about something & thought you might be able to help me.

Would you buy homemade breads at a bake sale or would you prefer sweets? What I mean is would you buy wheat bread, white bread, jalapeno cheese bread, pita pockets and bagels from a bake sale? I really would like to reach out to those that don't necessarily need or want the sweet stuff. Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


mrshester said...

Good morning!! :)
The wheat bread and jalapeno cheese bread sounds really good, those would probably be more along the lines of the things I would buy (aside from the sweets, of course!)

Is it going to be a morning thing? If it were, you might even consider some "breakfast biscuits"?

And I finally found a spaghetti squash! That was delicious, thank you so much for posting about it...I think I enjoyed "making" the spaghetti more than actually eating it, LOL. DH is a fan too!

Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

Thanks MrsHester for your thoughts. Very much appreciated. Great idea on the breakfast biscuits, but unfortunately you would have to get a health permit to sale those types of items.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

I generally bring "lightly" sweetened or unsweetened goods to bake sales. Why? Because so many people WANT them. Whenever I've taken yeast breads (white OR ww), yeast rolls, biscuits, corn muffins, breakfast muffins (blueberry, apple cinnamon, etc.; 1/2doz. per pkg.), jalapeno cornbread, etc. - they've been the 1st to sell out.

If I were participating in your church's next bake sell, you can be sure I'd bring some the above.

Mrs. B

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

jalapeno cheese bread and sour dough breads sell great around our area. At our Christmas Craft show the lady that sold breads, sold nearly 200 loaves of sour dough bread, she charged $6.00 a loaf and I saw one lady leave with 10 was going to freeze them and have them for special family meals. and she also sold a good many pans of cinninon rolls.

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I would buy chocolate fudge!