Friday, February 27, 2009

One Sharp Surprise

We received a nice little surprise today. My Dad had the day off work and took full advantage of it. Needing to take care of some business he did just that, then he went on a little shopping expedition. Now if you know my Dad, he is not really one to go shopping so this was a feat in itself for him. But he was on a mission...he was looking for a Breville juicer that he finally made his mind up on to buy. This decision only took him 3 years. *grin* Anyway, while he was shopping he said he found a set of steak knives that made him think of us. We have tons of silverware, but only 4 steaks knife to our repertoire. Go figure. I had been wanting to get a good set but just never made the effort to go and look for some. Now we don't have too.

Dad dropped by on his way home and gave us an 8-piece set of Calphalon steak knives. They are just great! I love the handles on them and the blades look and feel like they can do some major meat cutting. I guess now we need to buy some steaks to test them out, huh!?!


Blessed Beyond said...

What an awesome surprise and blessing! How sweet.
Hugs and Blessings,

Sandra said...

That is a wonderful surprise :)