Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Garden Planning Phase 2

Last month we mapped out where our garden area will go in on the property, which was phase 1 of our planning process. Yesterday we began tilling up the soil. Hubby got a new toy that he just loves and has always wanted... a Troy-Bilt Bronco rear tine tiller. Boy howdy is he in man toy heaven with this bugger. He really looked long and hard before making his decision to purchase but he definitely got a great deal on it. Can't beat that. We already have some folks that want to "borrow" it to put in a garden of their own. Not that we are prudes but we really never have been the type to lend our tools like this out. We know how we take care of things, but we can't guarantee that others will treat our things the same. So he has informed them that he would be more than happy to till their area for them but at a reasonable fee. It would defintely be cheaper for them to pay my hubby to do the prep work than to go out and buy a tiller. So we'll see if anyone takes them up on the offer.

We have a smaller tiller already, but it's best suited for small flower beds and such. It will work really well later in the garden when we need to cultivate the soil every once in awhile, so we will still be able to utilize it as well.

We are working on it as time allows but we have a very good start on things so far.

Stay tuned for more updates as things progress.


mrshester said...

OOOooooo, like the tiller! How much did he pay for it? I would gladly pay a fee if y'all were a just a bit closer, lol. I'm either looking at raised beds or doing it the really old fashioned way, with no mule even! I saw someone had broken ground yesterday on my way home from the grocery, it was the prettiest black soil! Ugh, I'm getting ground envy, lol.

Frugal Home Living said...

Mrs. Hester,

I know what you mean about seeing the pretty soil. I just love looking at and smelling the freshly tilled soil. Before our home was built on this land it was cattle pasture for y-e-a-r-s! So we really have a good base to start with. We are going to do raised beds as that is the best and the norm for good drainage and production. So you are smart to think about that.

I am calling around to find the prices on having bulk garden soil delivered. Since we are needing quite a bit, we are able to get the landscaper discount. So depending on the area you plant in make sure you ask for those discounts! You don't get if you don't ask.

My preferred soil is 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 coarse vermiculite and 1/3 compost. But the best so far I have found is a Utilitarian mix that consists of top soil, sand, organic matter and is free of weeds and garbage. The option of a separate fertilizer is going to have be mixed in as well so mushroom soil will be the pick of the crop in my area. We'll probably go with a 50/50 mix. So now it's just a matter of finishing the tilling and then ordering the soil. I am hoping by mid Feb. to have it ready for planting. At the rate we are going that is very do-able.

Happy gardening!

Tammy said...

Thanks so much for visiting me today!
I will try to remember to stop by here often...I so need more ideas on frugal living!

What a nice piece of land you have for planting...I am sure your hubby is loving his new "toy"!


Ronda said...

Luv your tiller! I do so wish I was abole to have a garden. Yet it is just not practilac any more for hubby and I now. Do keep us posted on the progress of your garden please.
Love & Prayers,

The Whites said...

We're hoping to do a very small garden for the first time this year. Hope all goes well with yours - great tiller by the way!


Lisa said...

Hello Mrs. Hester! Just making some rounds while nursing the baby. How fun to be planning and moving towards planting the garden for this year! We still have several inches of snow on the ground so we are still in the dreamin stage. :) Love the face lift on your blog. Blessing! ~Lisa

This Country Girl said...

We're going to try our hand at gardening this year too. I don't have a green thumb at all. We're going to try to do the square foot gardening.

I can imagine how excited your husband must be over his new "toy" and their toys! :)