Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bread Bags

A few of my dear readers asked where I get my bread bags for my homemade breads. First of all, thanks for asking. I think they are adorable bags! Anyway, I get them from Bread Beckers I don't know of anywhere else to get them so this is who I have used for ages. If someone has any other ideas or places that mail order bags I would love to check them out.

Click HERE for a direct link to the bread bag page.


mrshester said...

Hello dear sister! Those bags are very cute! When I bought mine, I wasn't really thinking about recycling them, I just wanted the most bang for the buck, I guess you could say. But, here's the link of the company I ordered mine from:

Frugal Home Living said...

Thanks for the link. I ordered the others because I didn't know where else to get them. Now I know and at a much nicer cost per quantity. Going to definitely use them for my next order.