Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barn Yard Tea

February is a good time to fertilize, so here's a great Valentine gift for your garden (especially vegetable gardens.)

Spread 50 pounds of peat moss, 50 pounds of manure, 25 pounds of garden food and 35 pounds of gypsum over each 100 square feet of garden area. Let the ingredients sit. As it steeps, the mix will create a sort of "tea" like liquid that will seep down into the sub-soil, which will enrich it for your Spring planting.

Source: "Great Green Book of Garden Secrets" by Jerry Baker


Lisa said...

Oh, great tip! I'll have to mention this "tea" to my dh. We have had problems with our soil in the last couple years. Maybe this will give it the boost it needs!

Frugal Home Living said...


You are most welcome. I certainly hope this kick starts your soil for the year.