Friday, August 29, 2008

Fall Decorating

I was in the Fall decorating mood so I got out what little decorations we had and set them out, but I still felt like I needed something else in the living room. Not wanting to spend any money on buying something I decided to shop at home. Wouldn't you just know it...I found a pretty fabric remnant that I had stored away. I also found 2 decorator pillow forms that I had bought last year on clearance. Woo Hoo! You know what that means...we're getting new sofa pillows!

I did the pillows free hand & I am NOT a great seamstress, so they are far from perfect, but hey...the results were what I was looking for and hubby remarked how nice a job I did. So that's good enough for me.

First I laid out my fabric and ironed it. I then set both my pillow forms atop of the material and cut it in half; allowing enough material to completely cover each pillow form. Once the fabric was cut I folded the individual pieces in half lengthwise with wrong sides facing out. Placing the pillow fabric on top of the folded material I marked out where my edges need to be pinned in order to sew the side seams.

Using my pins as a guide, I sewed each side using a basic running stitch on my machine.

Once the sides were complete, I inserted the pillow form to make sure it fit properly.

Next I marked out the bottom seam and pinned it for sewing.

I then sewed the bottom edge closed a little more than half way; allowing an opening in order to turn fabric right side out.

Turn fabric right side out.

Next you will want to insert your pillow form inside of the fabric. This may take a little manipulating of the pillow form itself to get it to fit, but trust will fit in there.

Finally, pin your opening together and either hand sew or machine sew it closed. (I opted to use my machine as it saved me time.)

Voila! My new Fall sofa pillow! It was easy and best of didn't cost a thing. Now that's a price I can live with. One down and one more to go. I am so proud of my efforts. I think they turned out lovely if I do say so myself.

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