Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Little About My Site...

This blog is a site that I have created and therefore all rights of thought, opinion, posting or other are MY RIGHT. I have chosen to create an open blog for anyone that cares to come here and peruse the posts that have shared. If I feel led to share a recipe, thought, opinion, coupon link, sales ad or anything else...this is totally MY RIGHT as the blog owner to do so.

I do not share with you to cause debate of any nature. So please know that you are always welcome to read anything I have posted, however, I do not have time for idle banter nor will I join you if you choose to argue about something you may not agree with that has been posted on MY blog. We all have our own individual thoughts, feelings and opinions. Although I do encourage my readers to share their comments with me, I do not, have not, nor will I promote bickering, hostile debating or other within the confines of the comment section. If you do not agree with this or it offends you, then feel free to move your little mouse over the top right corner of your screen and click on this little icon...

Trust me, it will not hurt my feelings for you to exercise your right to click it!

I believe that each us have one common denominator...our time & the value of it. So, instead of wasting my valued time, I will not commence in arguing, bickering or venting with you over trivial things. My time is far to valuable for that and I would think that you would appreciate the fact that I respect your time enough not to waste it in response to futility. If this offends you, then that is something that I guess you will just have to deal with.

According to the Bill of Rights, I still have the right to my freedom of speech, as do you. (with the way things are going...who knows how long it will be before the Government tries to take that right away from each of us.) However, MY blog is MY place of free speech, NOT yours. So please do not think that you are going to dictate what I am to post or share. I will not deny you your right to free speech if you choose to leave a comment but as my comment section clearly reads, I do have certain things that I ask when leaving your comment(s)...

"Thank you for taking time to leave your thoughts.
Please do not post spam, use foul language,
solicit, are offensive in any manner to either myself
or someone else, that are argumentative or
just looking to provoke a fight or other
useless banter, and no crude comments.

If you are a non-registered user,
feel free to leave your comments.
However, please note
that I do not publish
comments that are completely
All comments require a name.
Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.

If you can't follow these simple little rules, then know in advance that your comment will be disposed of. This is not to deny you the opportunity to speak, but it allows me the ability to control the matter that appears on MY blog. Do not assume that I will only publish those comments left that agree with me, I have no problem approving comments of differing opinion on my blog, but only if they are written with tact and follow the guidelines I have set forth concerning my blog comments. If you feel the need to banter or express anything that does not follow the set parameters, feel free to email me with your comment. I have no problem with that, but know in advance that if you are looking to fight, argue or anything else, I will not be a participant in the game. I will, however, respond if there is a legitimate need or request. Thank you for your understanding.

Now that the formalities are out of the way....I hope you enjoy your time when you visit with me.